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Forms of Breast Rash

Excessive sweating can trap moisture under the breast causing irritation and providing a place for yeast to develop on the skin and a rash to develop. There are several forms of breast rash.

Intertrigo is a rash that has formed in skin folds under the breasts. When the breasts come into contact with the chest cavity, chafing occurs and can result in a rash that can get infected, causing the area to become raw.

Heat rash (or prickly heat) occurs when the sweat ducts become clogged and sweat can’t get to the surface. A rash develops due to inflammation. When the sweat glands are blocked, the area may get dry, itchy, and sore. Heat rash can have the appearance of red clusters of small tiny blisters or pimples that look like beads of sweat.

In both cases, wash the irritated area gently and dry thoroughly. Keep the affected area dry and clean. If the rash persists, speak with your physician as some rashes may require extra steps for the area to heal.

Preventing Breast Rash and Eliminating Under Breast Sweat

The key to reducing or eliminating breast sweat and breast rash is to keep the area clean and dry. Places where sweat cannot evaporate are the perfect place for bacteria to grow and a rash to develop. Wear comfortable clothing that allows skin to breathe. Shower after exercising. Change out of wet clothes as soon as possible, and dry skin gently and thoroughly.

Persper-eez Breast Sweat Pads and Bra Liners are an excellent choice for addressing these types of skin issues. They wick moisture away from the skin, helping the area under the breasts to stay dry, clean and irritation-free.

As with any potentially serious medical condition, seek the opinion of a medical professional if the issue persists.

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